пятница, 1 ноября 2013 г.

Conversation Circle

October was the second month of the work of the Conversation Circle after summer break. During this period 5 meetings were held. The topic of the first one on October 2nd was “Idioms and Adjectives”, during the second meeting on October 9th members of the Club discussed theme “Food”.  “What do you like to do in autumn?” was the topic of the 3rd meeting on October 16th. It was real fun to learn how different people spent their free time during this rainy month. When the weather’s good people mostly prefer to stay outdoors, when it’s not it’s high time to visit cinemas, theatres etc. The names of the 4th and the 5th meetings of the Club held respectively on October 23rd and 30th were “Expressing likes and dislikes” and “Halloween”. During the last meeting of the month Ashley told about the history of the celebrating of Halloween and traditions used in the USA. Discussion was very intense and cheerful!

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