вторник, 15 ноября 2011 г.

Undergraduate Exchange Program

On November 11 Window on America center hosted the presentation of program of the Open Society Institute Undergraduate Exchange Program for students of Sumy universities.
The presentation was held by Nataliya Bulgakova the director of the Kharkiv Educational Advising Center Osvita. The Undergraduate Exchange Program is a two- year fellowship involving one year, non-degree liberal arts study in the USA and one-year community service leadership in home country.
The students were informed about content of the program, its opportunities, application and selection process.
The presentation revealed a great interest of the students to the studying in the universities of the USA.
For more details and On-line Application Form please visit: www.soros.org/initiatives/scholarship/focus_areas/undergraduate_exchange.

Innovative technologies in the library work

On November 10th a meeting with librarians of district libraries of Sumy Region took place in Sumy Oblast Research Library.
The librarians learnt the specificity of the department work, its books and DVD collections.
For the specialists of library science was presented information about department’s work with the Internet resources: website of the department, literature blog, Facebook page and EBSCO resources which help in the work of professionals.
The most interesting information for the librarians was the information about work of the Window on America Centre.
At the end of the meeting our guests worked with the new gadgets: iPad and Kindle. Meeting took place in a warm atmosphere, the librarians were very much interested and at the same time admired by the work and opportunities of our center.

среда, 2 ноября 2011 г.

What would you do to make our city better?

Welcome to English-Speaking Club. Last month we had a variety of topics discussed:
4.10 I’d like to make my city better.
Sumy is a wonderful city with a plenty of places of interest, but still it needs improvements. Today our guests tried to answer the question what would you do to make our city better? They played the game “Mayor election”. Each candidate presented his program on Sumy improvement and spoke about the problems to be solved in our city. At the end participants of our club had to vote for the best candidate.
11.10 Describing a Picture
18.10 Writing a letter to your friend
25.10 Synonyms and antonyms