среда, 18 ноября 2015 г.

Music. Genres of music and their influence on society

There was a meeting of English-Speaking Club with Robin Devos on November 17th.
The topic of the meeting was

"Music. Genres of music and their influence on society."
Club members were divided into groups. Each group represented a particular
musical genre telling about social reasons for its emergence, its history
and features.
Robin also told about English-speaking musicians and their role in the world musical industry.
Meetings of "English-Speaking Club" with Robin Devos take place every Tuesday at 17:00.

понедельник, 9 ноября 2015 г.

American Folk Music in Sumy Window on America Center

Sumy Window on America center was happy to welcome the band from the USA “Old Grey Goose International. The group plays traditional American folk music. Musicians sing songs about life, love and labor. They play traditional dancing music and teach people how to dance as well. By means of their performances the group promotes cooperation and mutual understanding between different cultures. Many people visited the concert, listened to fantastic country music, sang songs with musicians and learnt to dance. After the performance people asked questions about American culture and folk music. It was really funny and warm atmosphere during the concert of the band “Old Grey Goose International”.     


вторник, 3 ноября 2015 г.

English Speaking Club

In October five meetings of the English Speaking Club took place. The following topics were discussed:
3.10 - Elections
10.10 – Superstitions
17.10 – Sounds
24.10 – Why do we learn languages?
31.10 – Halloween
This meeting was devoted to the celebration of Halloween. At first Colin told about the history of Halloween and the way it is celebrated in the USA, Australia and European countries. After that the members of the club took part in different contests, charades and other joyful events. The celebration ran in a very joyful and funny manner with a lot of laughs and smiles.