воскресенье, 23 октября 2011 г.

Mobile Technologies for Libraries

On October 20, a presentation on Kindle and iPad technologies for libraries for directors of regional libraries was held in Putivl (Sumy region). iPads and Kindle are now available for in-library use thanks to a generous contribution from the American Embassy in Kiev. Director of WOA center demonstrated how to use iPad and Kindle, how to install different applications. All librarians enjoyed the presentation and confessed that
when we will have enough users using this technology – we (libraries) can offer new services, and make e-book’s more accessible

понедельник, 17 октября 2011 г.

Conversation Circle

Window on America center is pleased to announce that it hosts a weekly Conversation Circle.
You will:
- practice conversational English;
- take part in a number of activities and games;
- get interesting materials for discussion.
The Conversation Circle is led in a form of a natural conversation among friends.
The best way to practice a language is to speak it!

Every Wednesday at 17.00
Looking forward to welcome you here!

пятница, 14 октября 2011 г.

System of education in the USA and Ukraine

On October 13, teachers of the Sumy Branch of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs discussed with the Peace Corps Volunteer Arden Stone system of education in the USA and Ukraine, higher education in our countries They also were acquainted with new technology – iPad. Only time will tell the extent of the iPad’s influence, but it is undoubtedly an emerging technology worth teachers and librarians attention.

среда, 12 октября 2011 г.

US Government English Language Teaching and Learning Online Resources

On 12 of October Sumy WOA center was happy to host the meeting for 14 teachers of English language of Sumy and Sumy region. We presented US Government English Language Teaching and Learning Online Resources and also acquainted our guests with iPads and Kindle and spoke how they could use such devices for beginning foreign language learners. The tablet computer is capable of running many different applications, several of which are quite useful for learning a new language.

пятница, 7 октября 2011 г.

iPads and Kindle in Sumy WOA.

On 6 of October Sumy WOA center hosted meeting for first year students of Sumy State University. We gave them a brief demonstration on something how to use iPad and Kindle such as how to locate ebooks, how to make photos, how to install new application, how to search the library catalog.
Our guests agreed that library is the perfect place to use an iPad much more than a classroom because we have Wi-Fi.

вторник, 4 октября 2011 г.

Social issues round-table discussion.

Welcome to English-Speaking Club. Last month we had a variety of topics discussed:
6.09 Summer vacation.
13.09 What would I do if I received 1 million dollars.
20.09 Brasilia.
27.09 Social issues round-table discussion.
At the meetings of our English-speaking club we’ve made plenty of various interesting activities. We’ve talked about summer most remarkable events, foreign countries and their culture. One of our meetings was devoted to the social issues and undoubtedly it was of great interest for all of us. We were to express our opinion on the following topics: whether it’s necessary to wear a uniform in Ukrainian schools, whether it’s necessary to tell a child that he or she is adopted, what influence mass media have on children and many others.