суббота, 1 июня 2013 г.

Conversation Circle

There were four meetings of the Conversation Circle in May. During the first one on May 8th the members of the club played the card game “Uno”. During the second meeting on May 15th topic “What I am going to do in summer” was discussed. After that the members of the Circle played the game “Mad Lips”. The third and the fourth meetings of the Conversation Circle on May 22nd and 29th were also devoted to the developing talkative habits during the playing learning games such as “Hot Seat”, “M’n M’s” and others. The fourth meeting was the last one under the leadership of Jennifer Alton. She is leaving for home after two years in Ukraine. Members of the Conversation Circle wished her good luck. We are very grateful Jane for her active participation in the work of our Conversation Circle. The meetings of the club have been extremely fascinating and everybody really enjoyed them. A lot of various interesting topics and situations that were of great use for the English learners were discussed during the latest period. Good luck, Jane!!!

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