четверг, 3 мая 2012 г.

Conversation Circle

Our meetings in April were devoted to water project. We discussed the importance of water in our lives as well as the impact humans have on our water supply. We learned about the finite nature of the water cycle through a demonstration. It was really effective in showing how little water we really have on our planet, and why it's so important. We learned some specific words related to water pollution, and read a few texts relating to the effects these pollutants have on drinking water and our bodies. We then pretended to test a water sample and made graphs to determine which pollutants were dominant in the sample. We discussed the reasons as to the sources of these pollutants. After this we made predictions about the pollutants we might find when we test our own water, and why. Next week we tested the water and recorded our results and the third phase of our water project, which were the river cleanup and music festival.

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