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Proctoring Exams

On February 29, Sumy WOA center provided proctoring exam to support the goal of lifelong learning for the student of distance learning course of Park University (Missouri, Kansas). Now
Sumy Window on America center offers examination proctoring services.
Proctoring Guidelines
Call our WOA center (0542 22-01-33) to set up a time to take the exam a minimum of one week advance.
Proctoring is available only during the library's open hours, when the staff member responsible for administering the exams is on duty.
Students must make all arrangements with the institution giving the exam. Contact the institution to be sure that WOA center staff proctoring the exam meet criteria set by the institution. Arrange for delivery of the exam. WOA center staff cannot make these arrangements.
The proctor will verify identity of the student through a valid
photo and the name on the identification must match the name on the testing materials.

The proctor will read and follow all instructions from the testing institution. Students must follow all instructions of the WOA center staff regarding the examination. All supplies needed for the exam must be brought by the student.

Exams may be written on paper or taken online. Student or the examining institution must provide postage if the exam is to be returned by mail.

Online exams can be completed using WOA center computers or students may bring their own laptops and connect to our wireless network.
Book early to make sure you can get a proctor for the date and time you want.
Good luck on your exam!

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