пятница, 30 октября 2009 г.

Gaming in library.

Welcome to English-Speaking Club. Last month we had a vatiety of topics discussed:

6.10 The most favourite thing about Ukraine, differences between the USA and Ukraine.

14.10 Word scramble. Games are widely used all over the world by teachers and learners of foreign languages. Games stimulate and make the learning process fascinating. We have prepared lots of word games, puzzles, scrambles. At one of the meetings we made up a quiz. The participants were handed out papers with the tasks. They had to complete few tables according to the instructions. The instructions were like this:
- Write a word that rhymes with each word (use both in one sentence)
- For each phrase choose formal, informal or casual forms.
- Write opposite for each of these adjectives
- Say, what each of these people do
and so on.
20.10 Speaking Etiquette.
27.10 Halloween Word Scramble.

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