среда, 17 июня 2009 г.

Gestures in our life.

Welcome to English - Speaking Club. Last month we had a variety of topics discussed:
5.05.Mexico. Cultures and traditions of Mexico.
12.05. Hair. Hair Styles.
19.05. Debate: powerful words.
26.05 Gestures.
Gestures play a major role in many aspects of human life. People use gestures to express their thoughts and emotions. Some gestures are symbolic and international while others are used in particular countries and with particular peoples. It’s important to know the meaning of some gestures because sometimes it may lead to misunderstanding between people. At the today’s meeting you’ll get familiar with the following gestures: approximation gesture, Vulcan salute, good luck gesture, beckoning sigh and so on.
2.06 My Favorite Book

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